oh my gosh, I'm so excited!

cupcake crisis!

Posted on: February 5, 2011

I love cupcakes.   This is an obvious statement.  My first adult taste of cupcake goodness happened in 2005 at a Starbucks near Lincoln and Scottsdale road.  Vanilla cupcake with vanilla bean frosting and brown sanding sugar.  I call this “the gateway cupcake.”

When we finally got a Sprinkles in Scottsdale in 2008, I was there on opening day, like the crazy Mervyn’s lady from the super sale commercials.  I’d been baking on my own for some time then, but I couldn’t wait to try this deified treat.  I had been stalking them for months, logging on to the corporate website to get updates on the launch.  I’d drive by the building while it was in construction and give my friends updates on the progress.  They thought I was nuts.

I remember that first Sprinkles cupcake vividly.  Meghan had just returned from her honeymoon in Paris and we met there to catch up, swoon over her new Louis Vuitton, and giddily buy a dozen little gems of frosted goodness.  Each of us got a 6 pack and a coffee and set outside to devour our haul.  It was glorious, and more than that, it was a special memory I’ll cherish forever.

My solo Sprinkles trips began on a horrible day at work. They became a go-to pick me up in lieu of a liquid lunch when I was dealing with all the crazies at the health company I was working for.  I go to Sprinkles and get a Lemon Coconut (Tues or Fri only) or Strawberry cupcake and a glass of skim milk.  Park my car in a shady spot and just smile and enjoy.  Of course, you really have to define the parameters of what is a bad day here, or you could get into trouble.

I think the best way to go is with friends.  Here’s my recommendation for the perfect Sprinkles bonding moment.

  1. Get 3 friends and make your way down to Scottsdale Road & Camelback.
  2. Get there at a random time in the day, say 2:30, to avoid the rabid crowds.  If you see a line, definitely wait it out; you won’t be sorry.
  3. Everyone pick a cupcake of a different flavor.
  4. Order milk.  The milk is key here.
  5. Grab a cute little wooden knife and fork as you make your way out of the store.
  6. They have a little bench out front that you can sit on.
  7. Cut each cupcake in quarters and everybody gets 1 piece.
  8. Milk between each flavor to cleanse the palette.
  9. Laugh, giggle and enjoy.  Just make a moment of it.
  10. You’ll feel like you are being so bad having all of these flavors, but then you remember, you really only ate the equivalent of 1 cupcake.

It’s the perfect guilt free cupcake experience if you can get over having 1 cupcake at all.  (If not, we probably aren’t that close.)

Last year for my 30th Birthday, I got to take my wonderful friend Laura and her family to Sprinkles and we did this with a 6 pack.  So I had more than one cupcake, but everything is fat-free on your birthday, so whatever!

But wait, there’s more!  There are special cupcakes. Susan, Daynalyn and I recently had the Salted Carmel variety, which did not disappoint either in experience or taste. I’ve got July 15th marked on my calendar for the Summer Cherry flavor, which I would request as my last meal in any circumstance that would require one.  Right now for Valentine’s or Statehood Day, depending on what you celebrate, they have 2 special cupcakes.  Red Hot Velvet and Raspberry Chocolate Chip.  Imagine my horror when I drove down there today and they were out of both! I watched in disbelief as I saw the lovely curly red-haired girl behind the counter pluck them from the display counter and send them home with someone else. Tears!

So I’m headed back next week to see if I can get my hands on one.  Who wants to be in my party of 4?  My treat!


3 Responses to "cupcake crisis!"

I still think you are nut about your cupcakes. With that said. ..that coconut cupcake we had was worth the painful walk in my DSW Steve Madden shoes which hurt like heck…family post…or I would say something else.

But at the end of the day…your cupcakes are as good as any ol’ sprinkles treat…especially when you get a whole tray of the delivered and left on your desk because you were having a bad day.

I went from having a rotten day…to being a rockstar at my workplace…thanks for that you crazy cupcake girl!

i would be glad to be the fourth. Kevin now wants to go to sweet revenge with us and have beer and cupcakes.

Aww, I love it. Love your love for cupcakes. Love our friendship. Love and miss your cupcakes. Miss sprinkles. Love that you tracked the opening of the Scottsdale sprinkles so religiously and then we went together and enjoyed cupcake goodness. Thanks for including me in your post. xoxo
P.S. – You make the BEST red velvet cupcakes ever.

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oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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