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I gloss collagewas in the hospital recently.  Of course, you  may know from experience that it is never fun. Hospitals are cold and the lighting is so bleh.  I ended up there and in such pain that I was on morphine through an IV. Once the pain started to calm down, mostly in part due to the medication, I decided that my lips were hurting.   It felt more like burning really. And what cures a sad sore lip better than my trusty friend, lip gloss?

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My darling and beautiful friend Daynalyn gifted me with the most delightful gifty-gift this weekend and I just had to share.  As promised, this blog will often feature one of my not-so-secret obsessions: Lip GlossHow do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

  • Yummy sugary delight
  • Colors for any mood
  • The perfect accessory for any outfit
  • Package designed so well you keep it for decoration
  • 0 Calories and 100% fat free!

Tokyo Milk

Ornamented with a mix of slightly gothic with vintage apothecary style graphics, Tokyo Milk is a whimsical brand launched in 2008 by the creator of Lollia, with a range of products from Bon Bon Lip Balms to candles and stationary.  Of course the images of a bright glittered Cherry and cupcake on the petite square boxes were the first to catch my eye and garnered a squeal of delight.  But I was just as impressed with the contents of the jars inside.  The Cherry Bomb flavor is super sweet, with the perfect bit of tang.  The Sweet Cream is buttery and smooth with a dash of caramel and brown sugar.  YUM!  The balm goes on smooth and really lasts.  My lips felt moisturized and soft for hours.

TheArtOfKissingThis is a must try if you like a jarred lip balm!  Each box came with a cute little vintage style pamphlet titled The Art of Kissing.  I’ve got to give it to them, this is a great brand with plenty of girly products left to explore.  Check out the brand and it’s designer, Margot Elena here.


I also have to give a big  shout out to Daynalyn who has made it into the 3rd round of voting to become the Face of Arizona Foothills Magazine.  So do me a solid and click this link to VOTE FOR HER to get to the next round.  Let’s put her in the top 10 this time, ok?

Happy Kissing!


oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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