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Justice Garden Path: Lorna JordanIt’s crazy to me how every year or so I seem to take a trip around a circular path that I’m growing weary of.  This cycle has repeated itself throughout my life, sometimes over the course of a few years, or few months, and every so often within a few hours.  It’s the repetitive pattern of going from feeling like a warrior woman who can accomplish anything to a self-critical mess and back again.  It’s great to feel like you sparkle. And although I extremely dislike those times of feeling like a “nothing”, I can’t go so far as to say I hate it.  Well, 1. Because my husband says I’m “too young to hate” and 2. Because I always seem to learn a bit more about who I am and just how resilient I can be.

Each of us has experienced in our lives, times of great hardship and times of great joy.  If you’ve never been pushed to your breaking point, you probably aren’t putting it all out there.  Over the years I continue to learn the importance of balance.

Having an open heart but a guarded sense of trust.

Learn the difference between being realistic and self-sabotage.

Battle scars make you stronger but an open wound only makes you sick.

I think to myself, about how I just want things to be settled. Simple.

That, if I just stopped caring so much it could be so much easier.  No let down.  No heartache.  No…..spark.  And that’s the thought that has me up on my feet, back to the grindstone, and ready to burst.  I have to be passionate about my environment and what I’m putting out into the world.  I have to feel those highs and lows so I can also appreciate the quiet moments in between. Complacency is not an option.

Note: The garden image above is of the Justice Garden Path Public artwork in Kent WA.  It was designed by an artist named Lorna Jordan.  You can visit one of her other public art designs in Arizona at either the Terraced Cascade in Chandler or the Origami Garden in Tempe.


oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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