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I recently had the opportunity to do some head shots for one of my favorite people.  I haven’t had the chance to be very creative outside of creating an awesome little human for the last year, so I jumped at the chance to do a session for Kendal as she prepared for her third year of auditions as a Phoenix Suns Dancer.  We met at a historic home in Phoenix that had a jungle of a backyard.  It was an incredible place to shoot with multiple locations for some interesting shots.

Kendal is a veteran on the team and she’s quite a fan favorite.  She was recently selected to represent the NBA on a trip to China.  She’s an incredible dancer and a quick wit with fiery red hair; quite a stunner!  But the best part about Kendal is her down-to-earth nature and kind heart.  Connor adores her and she’s made a special effort this year to spend time and take some sweet photos with him.  She’s definitely the type of girl that we want representing our team and community both on and off the court!

Check out her head shots below and vote for her everyday HERE until Wednesday August 28 when the team is revealed.




Ann at my wedding in 2004

I never expected to be so lucky as to have Grandma Ann in my life until I was 32.  Most of my friends are lucky to have one grandparent left, while I have been blessed to share many special occasions with 3 of my grandparents.  My grandmother was there for my wedding.  I was able to be with her in Ohio a few years ago.  She was delighted to hear that I was pregnant and share some maternity stories with me.  Most recently, I was able to share photos of her great-grandson peacefully dosing in the crib that came from her.

I remember Grandma Ann as a happy woman.  Her smile was infectious and she openly shared her excitement.  And that enthusiasm often lead to a nice, swift punch in the arm.  A loving one, but a punch no less.  If you told a good story, or teased her a bit, she’d rear back and give you a solid jab.   My husband joked that he was bruised by a woman more than twice his age the first time they met. If you thought the Seinfeld “Elaine push” was bad, you’d best stay two feet clear of grandma’s fist!

The other thing I loved about my grandmother, was her sense of style.  She knew how to dress!  My grandparents never had an exorbitant amount of money, but Ann knew how to pull an outfit together and wear a pair of heels!  I always loved that about her.   Even at an age when most women opt for flats, Ann would have stomped a runway in a pair of red heels. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Mother’s Day!

Last year, I took my mom to the art museum for a special Mothers Day celebration. I’ll admit, it was a bittersweet day because as happy as I was to celebrate my own mother, I still was not pregnant after almost 2 years of trying for a baby.

When we checked in at the front desk, my mom was presented with a sticker to wear signifying that she was a mom. It had a beautiful red gerbera daisy on it. When the docent turned to me and said, “Are you a mom too?”, I hesitated and started to fumble my words. My mom turned and said, “Yes, she will be soon. She needs a sticker too.” She smiled and handed me the sticker with confidence.

We smiled as we walked away and I put the sticker on. Each of us said something about how this year would be the year. It would be good luck.

I hoped. I wished. I thought, “just stay positive.” And when I got home, I carefully peeled the sticker off my cardigan and fixed it to the top left corner of my vanity mirror.

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I’ve been dreaming up costume ideas for family Halloween’s ever since we decided to start trying for a baby!  Now that the little guy is on his way, I’ve got to get planning for October.  I think this one will be a finalist on my list for sure!

Rainbow Brite and her trusty sidekick Twink”: A Halloween Story « pinksuedeshoe.

Did you dress up as a family for Halloween?  Share your stories in the comments below 🙂



As a child I loved lying in the grass (yes, I did go outside once in a while) and daydreaming as I watched clouds go by.  Imagining giant bunnies and whales floating along, imagining where that tiny airplane was going, and of course secretly hoping for rain.

I’m 15 weeks along anxiously waiting for Baby Thompson to arrive.  Of course, we’re dying to find out whether it’s a boy or girl, but in the meantime, I have always dreamt of the nursery having a happy little sky for the baby to look up at.

We’ve been watching a lot of Bob Ross lately on 8 Create before we go to bed.  On a side note, we’ve also decided due to his positive encouragement and soothing voice, that our child will watch 30 minutes of Bob Ross everyday, but I digress.  On Saturday, feeling inspired by his encouragement to make happy little clouds and trees, I set about turning the ceiling of our nursery into a sunny little sky I think Bob would have liked.

Bobby applied a base coat of Valspar “Clear Blue Sky” last weekend.  I started out first by drawing a diagram of the room and mapping out where the clouds would go.  Mixing part bright white with some of my blue, I set about laying in the base of the clouds with a 4” chip brush and blending with a longer natural brush.  Using 3”chip brushes, I added shadows with a mixture of “Lavender Escape” and blue and then highlights with pure white.  Then everything was blended in a circular motion with the natural brush.  4 Hours later, we had clouds!  I also think I have carpel tunnel, but I think it was worth it!


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It’s been 74 days since I got my iPhone.  I don’t know how I survived without it before as it has become completely woven into every moment of my day.

I’ve had an iPod Touch for years, which gave me a good excuse not to upgrade, but with a trip to NYC coming up and the looming fear of getting lost in the big bad city, I made the switch and never looked back.

Of course I have it hooked up to both my work and personal email accounts, I love the iPod, and I would be lost without the blue dot, but mostly I am in love with the way that it has helped me streamline and integrate my passions into my online life.  I am able to interact with my company’s online fan base in a matter of seconds no matter what day it is.  I can share the way I view the world with my photography.  I can let off some steam by winning a few rounds of Angry Birds.  I’m still after that last elusive golden egg!

For all of you apple users out there, here are some of my favorite apps of the moment! iTunes links to each app are included and most are available for the iPad as well.

InstagramInstagram:  I am obsessed with this photo sharing application.  It’s basically a photo blogging site that allows users from across the globe to connect through imagery.  I have been so inspired by some of the images I’ve seen on here.  And it’s so easy to use.  Simply hit the share button, choose a photo filer and set a blur mode if you’re interested and post.  Some of my favorite photographers are @bakerella, @ nejimeji, @fromlondonwithlove, @dailyinspiration, and @prettyshinysparkly.

Here are some of my favorite pics!  You can follow me @omg_imsoexcited  or  CLICK HERE! Read the rest of this entry »

I just posted this cute blog about seeing a Claire Burke home spray used on stage in a production of Neil Simon’s, The Odd Couple. So cute. An audience member in front of me turned to his wife and said, “That smells really good!” It was too cute!


I recently had the splendid opportunity to photograph one of the coolest chicks around, and one of my best girlfriends, Daynalyn. You may have seen her recently grace the cover of Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine in a Marie Antoinette inspired confection to die for!  Totally worth clicking that link, if you ask me!

We’ve been wanting to do a creative project together for quite a while. After returning from NYC Fashion Week thoroughly inspired (more on that later), we got together one afternoon at Chateau Charleston in Scottsdale to see what trouble we could get into. We had just 2 hours of sunlight to work with, so it was a crunch to get 4 looks done, but we pulled it off and the results were fantastic! I’m looking forward to our next go-round when we tackle some more ambitious art-inspired shots. Below are our favorites from the shoot!


More images after the break!

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oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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