oh my gosh, I'm so excited!

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When I was little, I used to save odd little knick-knacks with the intent of repurposing them in creative ways.   I was a crafty child and my mind was always in creation mode.

  • The little white plastic lift that holds up the middle of a pizza box = a perfectly sized table for a miniature doll diorama.
  • An old golf ball from Dad = painted with glitter and supported by straws  to look like Epcot Center.
  • The holiday plastic top of a Ferrero Rocher pyramid = photo scrapbooked sides of our trip to the Luxor

I think if I had a video camera as a child, I could have attempted something as cute as Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. This just makes my day!

Check out this brilliant director at http://www.deanfleischercamp.com

I’m afraid to drink soda because I’m afraid the bubbles will make me float up onto the ceiling.

oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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