oh my gosh, I'm so excited!

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On my way to Atlanta for work. I’m traveling with my boss who is a Gold Level flyer so we get upgraded to first class. I’m giddy with excitement. My first time in first class! I’ll document it for those of you who either haven’t had the experience yet and for those of you whose luster it’s worn off on.

Of course there is a special speedy check in line and we got to board first. I got to experience the full body scanner at Sky Harbor (queue the Jimmy Eat World song) and can I just say to the people who have an issue with these things: Get over it! I’d rather stand with my hands over may head like I’m making a silly face at a 2 year old any day than get a special pat down.

I’m the 10th person on the plane. My boss is talking to another passenger about travel routines. I think to myself, I wish this felt routine.

Seat Pocket in front of you
I sit down and get situated. MY normal routine is a carefully orchestrated maneuvering of personal items. Pillow stuffed in my side while I transfer my iPod, headphones, gummy bears, magazine and lip gloss to the seat in pocket in front of me. Screw the space for the evacuation guide; I need my must haves readily available at all times. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I usually say to the person next to me as I rustle about. Read the rest of this entry »

oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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