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Ann at my wedding in 2004

I never expected to be so lucky as to have Grandma Ann in my life until I was 32.  Most of my friends are lucky to have one grandparent left, while I have been blessed to share many special occasions with 3 of my grandparents.  My grandmother was there for my wedding.  I was able to be with her in Ohio a few years ago.  She was delighted to hear that I was pregnant and share some maternity stories with me.  Most recently, I was able to share photos of her great-grandson peacefully dosing in the crib that came from her.

I remember Grandma Ann as a happy woman.  Her smile was infectious and she openly shared her excitement.  And that enthusiasm often lead to a nice, swift punch in the arm.  A loving one, but a punch no less.  If you told a good story, or teased her a bit, she’d rear back and give you a solid jab.   My husband joked that he was bruised by a woman more than twice his age the first time they met. If you thought the Seinfeld “Elaine push” was bad, you’d best stay two feet clear of grandma’s fist!

The other thing I loved about my grandmother, was her sense of style.  She knew how to dress!  My grandparents never had an exorbitant amount of money, but Ann knew how to pull an outfit together and wear a pair of heels!  I always loved that about her.   Even at an age when most women opt for flats, Ann would have stomped a runway in a pair of red heels. Read the rest of this entry »

oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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