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ipodI’m a huge soundtrack fan.  When a film really gets to me, usually it’s the music that I just can’t get out of my head.  I saw I Am Number Four this weekend.  It wasn’t the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen, but the whole time I just kept thinking, “I NEED to get this soundtrack!”. To my surprise, they didn’t release one, so after having the songs stuck in my head for 2 days, I spent Sunday tracking down the music.

The sweeping orchestration of Adele’s new single, Rolling In The Deep, is by far my favorite song used in the previews and movie itself.  I actually bought her new album, 21, on pre-order in December because her first album, 19, is still on heavy rotation on my iPod. Right As Rain can pull me out of any funk. Read the rest of this entry »

Soda HaulHey there blog.  I’ve missed you! This blog post started out as a quick, “hey, how ya been?” post and run.  Drop in some html of a fun video to make you all smile and get back to my crazy life. I hurried over to YouTube and looked up the video for a favorite song on my ipod playlist called “Inspiration”.  That post turned into this:

The music video below called  “How the Day Sounds” is by Greg Laswell. I love the song and was even happier when I saw the video. You will probably recognize Elijah Wood making an appearance but what actually excited me most was when I realized that I had, in fact, been to this very filming location.

It was filmed at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles. Bobby and I visited Galco’s last summer on our way home from our anniversary trip/ Vitabath commercial shoot. It was AWESOME! They have over 500 sodas and we spent an hour perusing the aisles, pointing out funny names and interesting flavors. As you can see in the music video, they also have a wide variety of vintage candies.

Imagine my excitement when we actually got to meet the owner, John Nese and walk around the store with him. He knew where every can and bottle came from down to the geographic region and farms that ingredients were grown on. He told us about “flavoring” vs. natural oils and the incredible impact on the taste of a soda.  He kindly helped me pick out the perfect ginger ale! It’s called Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer, and because it is made with sugar and real ginger root oil, the flavor is beyond anything you have ever tasted. It actually burns a little going down, but one sip of this ice cold fizzy glory will make your heart sing.

Alicia @ Galco's Soda Pop Stop

Visiting Galco’s with Bobby is one of my favorite memories from 2010 because it exceeded our wildest bubbly dreams. We both felt like kids again and before I knew it, we had a clanging cart full of fizzy goodness!  $40 and 20 different types of sodas later, we hauled home our prized bottles ready to taste each one as critically as the pickiest wine coinsurer.  The Shirley Temple did not disappoint and Bubble Up had a fun citrus zing!

Left to right Top: Bubble Up, HotLips Boysenberry, Mr. Cucumber, Saranac Shirley Temple, HotLips Apple, Manhattan Special Orange Slice, Americana Black Cherry, Vavo Ginger Ale Bottom: Dublin Dr. Pepper, Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Ale, Mint Julep, Moxie, Rieme Blood Orange, Red Ribbon Root Beer, Leninade, Americana Honey Lime Ginger Ale, Blenheim Ginger Ale, Cheerwine, Berghof Root Beer, Double Cola

The web series called Obsessives on chow.com featured Galco’s and John said that he gets visitors daily because of the clip.  I guess Greg Laswell must share my affinity for all things bubbly, because he showed up there too!

Actually, I think all addiction starts with soda. Every junkie did soda first. But no one counts that. Maybe they should. The soda connection is clear. Why isn’t a presidential commission looking into this? Or at least some guys from the National Carbonation Council. – Chris Rock

Claire Burke DiffuserI know it’s not technically spring yet, but in Arizona, after Christmas I’m straight into spring mode. Conjuring up images of baby chicks and pastel chocolate eggs. Brightly colored flowers to lift my spirits and melt away any holiday frost.

With each new year comes the anticipation of spring.

New life adds a youthful glow, as hope abounds.

So, I spent last night creating a new video for the Claire Burke website. It needed a holiday switchover and I was able to style some really beautiful floral shots for our spring catalog so I had plenty of inspiration.

Props to Robert McIntosh over at Narada Images in Scottsdale for these shots. He brings out the best in me as a stylist/art director and I LOVE working with him! Check him out and hire him HERE. You won’t regret it!

Music make you lose controlI love it when it rains.  It’s monsooning here tonight and although my ride home from work was, well, interesting, I have to say there’s nothing like the sound of raindrops on the window.

Even better is when those little droplets are accompanied by good music.  My husband used to make fun of me, but now he knows that turning the music up as loud as possible in my car and just rocking out for a bit, is one sanctuary not to be messed with.  It’s where I go for inspiration, encouragement, solace, and revitalization. Sometimes, it’s comforting to just be enveloped in sound and let go of the symphony of detailed mental to-do lists buzzing around my mind. Lately, think Flight Of The Bumblebee in double time.

Skim though my iPod and you’ll find an eclectic mix of pop, classical, French rap, chick rock, metal, dance tracks and a healthy serving of Glee recordings.  Playlists with names like “Cupcake”, “Personal Underscore”, “Vitamin Water”, and “I’m a Gleek”.  Each one perfectly suited to the mood of the minute.

So here are some songs that are on heavy rotation right now.   Enjoy!

And thanks to the wonderful man in my life for the sub-woofer and new aux-in cable!  It’s pink and pitch perfect 🙂

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blank page

So here’s what: One of my biggest fears is a blank page. When I’ve got so many creative thoughts and ideas, it’s hard to pick a place to start. Just put pen to paper, brush to canvas, or a pin for that first stitch.

I put a lot of emphasis on putting my best foot forward, having everything perfectly thought out, and making a good first impression. But what I’m realizing, is that as significant as that theory is, what’s even more important is not working myself into a spiraling frenzy that ends up stopping me in my tracks before I’ve started.

So here you go “first blog”. I’m de-mystifying you and just hitting “publish”.

Because this will never be the perfect first post. In fact, I’m on a pursuit to revel in the imperfections that make my life interesting. It’s only going to get better from here and I hope you’ll join me for the ride. Could be fun, but you might get a little car sick too. (I’m just saying…) ☺

oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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