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A Little Mother’s Day Magic

Posted on: May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!

Last year, I took my mom to the art museum for a special Mothers Day celebration. I’ll admit, it was a bittersweet day because as happy as I was to celebrate my own mother, I still was not pregnant after almost 2 years of trying for a baby.

When we checked in at the front desk, my mom was presented with a sticker to wear signifying that she was a mom. It had a beautiful red gerbera daisy on it. When the docent turned to me and said, “Are you a mom too?”, I hesitated and started to fumble my words. My mom turned and said, “Yes, she will be soon. She needs a sticker too.” She smiled and handed me the sticker with confidence.

We smiled as we walked away and I put the sticker on. Each of us said something about how this year would be the year. It would be good luck.

I hoped. I wished. I thought, “just stay positive.” And when I got home, I carefully peeled the sticker off my cardigan and fixed it to the top left corner of my vanity mirror.

I looked at it every day for a month, and then it started to fade into my periphery. I’d notice it here and there. Sometimes I’d think, “oh just take it down”, but something made me leave it up there. That part of me that dares to hope when things seem completely dark. The part that my own mother helped to foster.

Fast forward 1 year:

Today is Mother’s Day. And by some not-so-small miracle, I will indeed be a mother before the summer is over.

About a month ago, I was getting out my prenatal vitamin in the morning and thought about how pretty the packaging was. It’s pink with a bright flower. I guess RX companies take a lot of time in designing pretty boxes for expectant mothers. Going about my make-up routine, I got to the part where you awkwardly try to stay perfectly still so that you can curl your eyelashes without blinking and ripping them out. And as I stared at the mirror, my eye wandered up to my mother’s day sticker from last year.

To my utter amazement, the same image that I had been admiring on the box of vitamins was almost exactly replicated on the sticker. A perfect, pink gerbera daisy.

Citral Natal Box

Eyelashes be damned. Now I was crying off all of the foundation and concealer I’d spent the last 5 minutes on. Of all the images in the world, and all the pre-natal vitamins I could have chosen from the choices my doctor gave me, I ended up with matching twin images. Goosebumps at this point would be an understatement.

Last Sunday my parents threw us a lovely baby shower. Today, I’m taking my mom to see “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” for Mother’s Day. I think it only appropriate that we’re celebrating with a floral theme again considering it was so lucky last year. Marigolds are thought to resemble the resilience of the sun and loving affection.

And it is with just that, love and affection, that I dedicate this to my mother for believing in my dream, even on the days that I couldn’t and for loving me along the way. This year, we get to celebrate her legacy as a wonderful mother and the journey that I am about to begin which will no doubt lead me to appreciate her in ways I have not yet imagined.

Me & mom at the baby shower

Me & mom at the baby shower


5 Responses to "A Little Mother’s Day Magic"

Alicia, you look so beautiful! What a lovely post, and a lovely tribute to your mom. I wish I could have been there in person last week, to congratulate your coming motherhood, and to meet the awesome lady who raised you. She did a fantastic job! Love to you both!

Thank you Jules! We missed you, but received your lovely gift and opened it at the party!

How dear of you, darling daughter! Such a memorable reflection of a doubly special day! The joys of motherhood are reinforced by the ever growing love and appreciation of our children. With love and anticipation of your discovery of those joys as well. Lovingly, your mother–Mom

My dear one, the love surrounding you, Bobby and Baby T is so big and strong. Thank you for sharing this amazing part of your life. Mom’s certainly do know best – Here’s to you Mrs. Gadus!

That gave me a little lump of a tears in my throat. So beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day to you ❤

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oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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