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Posted on: November 14, 2011

It’s been 74 days since I got my iPhone.  I don’t know how I survived without it before as it has become completely woven into every moment of my day.

I’ve had an iPod Touch for years, which gave me a good excuse not to upgrade, but with a trip to NYC coming up and the looming fear of getting lost in the big bad city, I made the switch and never looked back.

Of course I have it hooked up to both my work and personal email accounts, I love the iPod, and I would be lost without the blue dot, but mostly I am in love with the way that it has helped me streamline and integrate my passions into my online life.  I am able to interact with my company’s online fan base in a matter of seconds no matter what day it is.  I can share the way I view the world with my photography.  I can let off some steam by winning a few rounds of Angry Birds.  I’m still after that last elusive golden egg!

For all of you apple users out there, here are some of my favorite apps of the moment! iTunes links to each app are included and most are available for the iPad as well.

InstagramInstagram:  I am obsessed with this photo sharing application.  It’s basically a photo blogging site that allows users from across the globe to connect through imagery.  I have been so inspired by some of the images I’ve seen on here.  And it’s so easy to use.  Simply hit the share button, choose a photo filer and set a blur mode if you’re interested and post.  Some of my favorite photographers are @bakerella, @ nejimeji, @fromlondonwithlove, @dailyinspiration, and @prettyshinysparkly.

Here are some of my favorite pics!  You can follow me @omg_imsoexcited  or  CLICK HERE!

WordswithFriendsWords With Friends:

Ok this far from a new app, in fact I play with a few of you.  Words with friends not only allows me to work my brain a bit but mostly, it allows me to feel a connection to friends who are spread out across the country.  It actually brings such a smile to my face when I get a push notification that says, “Your move with Meredith!”  And when you get into a round of play after play, it almost feels like you could be there together playing over coffee.


This app has the cutest logo and reminds me to be present and thankful!  When things are going well, or when you’re in the middle of a pity party, it’s important to take a step back and be thankful for all of the blessings in your life.  When you look back on all of your entries, you’ll realize you just have to look at things with the right perspective to get through each day.


Yes, this famous cupcake bakery now has it’s own app and it’s AWESOME!  You can check the flavors of the day, check out upcoming specialty flavors, and even send your friends a cupcake of any kind, right from the app.  Tell them happy birthday, or just send some frosted warm fuzzies! For a little extra fun, see how quickly to you can beat the fondant design memory game!

GiftGuruGift Guru

This recommendation is a little timely as it helps me coordinate all of my Christmas gifts as well as throughout the year.  With a budget guide and best price finder for gift ideas, you’ll never have to try to remember a gift list again.

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oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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