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turn the heat up

Posted on: April 6, 2011

This weekend, we celebrated a friend’s birthday and rather than cupcakes, a request was made for my potato stuffed poblano peppers.  I  had a version of this at the Rokerj in Phoenix, so I went home and whipped up my own version. It’s become a favorite and since it’s time for grilling season again I present to you with limited interruption:

Stuffed Poblano Peppers and other delectable items

they crackle and pop as they heat up!

Over high heat, sear the poblano peppers until the skin is blistered and charred. This takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes on each side of the pepper. Make sure the entire outside is well crisped. This part is best when done on a grill. If you can’t grill because it’s still snowing where you live, then you should move to Arizona.  It was 90 degrees yesterday!  Or you can also use a broiler on high setting.

Put the hot peppers in a brown paper bag, roll the top down to seal the heat inside and set aside for 10-15 minutes. The steam in the bag as well as the pepper cooling down will help release the skin from the flesh of the pepper.

While your peppers are cooling: make mashed potatoes. Your favorite recipe will do. I like Martha Stewart’s method: red potatoes, butter, milk, salt pepper & cream cheese. Then you spice it up. Add dark paprika & cumin. At least 2 teaspoons each, up to a tablespoon or more depending on how much you are making.  This is really to taste, so you need to experiment a little to get the right blend for you. Set aside.

peeling a poblano pepper

be careful that they are cool enough to touch

Back to the peppers. Take them out of the paper bag.  Peel the charred skin off the pepper and discard. Holding the pepper horizontally, cut it lengthwise in half, making a “boat” shape to hold the potatoes. Remove the seeds and set pepper in a shallow baking dish.

Add about 1/4 to 1/2 cup shredded cheddar to your cooled mashed potatoes. Again, you’ll know how much you want. Spoon potatoes into the pepper boat. Pipe it from a ziplock bag with the tip cut off if you want to get all fancy. And you know I’m just crazy enough to do that.

Poblano peppers

ready to bake!

Bake for 20 min at 425, or right on the grill. I bake them in a foil throw away tray when I do it on the grill.

This is great with steak or even broiled BBQ pork chops that I marinate in 1 part Spicy BBQ sauce & 1 part cherry or cranberry
juice.  Try Sweet Baby Ray’s Chipotle BBQ.

I make a quick corn dish to go with that Bobby loves: corn (frozen or cut off 2 cobs), small minced shallot, salt, pepper, thyme, and a dash of margarine or butter. Heat through until the shallot starts to caramelize. Either on the stove or again in a foil baking tin on the grill, stirring every few minutes. I do this entire meal on the grill. 🙂

Sadly, the food was gone before I could take a picture.  But trust me it looks pretty and it’s tasty!

so good you could lick the plate!


3 Responses to "turn the heat up"

“…then you should move to Arizona.” — lol

This looks delicious Alicia (!!)

Love reading your blog. Hope you and Bobby are doing really well.

Ali! I am so excited to make these for us this weekend! NY is not conducive to grilling, at least for me but I do have a nice cast iron grill pan I will try! What about adding taco meat to the mash (kinda like Mex Shepard pie?) Love love! M

That sounds like it could be really tasty!

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oh my gosh I'm so excited!

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